Software Tools and Techniques

BMT Asset Performance applies a range of software tools approaches to meet clients’ requirements.

BMT Asset Performance applies a range of software tools approaches to meet customers’ requirements, delivering benefits in a range of areas. For complex projects, we utilise the capabilities of specialist software developers. 

Our staff are well versed and able to meet all aspects of applying software to meet customer needs. The following are brief overviews of situations where BMT Asset Performance has delivered solutions to meet a requirement:

Capturing Ideas for input into management systems

Making extensive use of the Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) programming language, BMT Asset Performance's staff members have created systems used both internally and externally that ensure data is captured and dealt without quickly, easily and reliably. BMT Asset Performance is committed to internal change and innovations to better serve our customers and staff, in pursuing that goal an innovations register was created. This register ensures that all staff members can quickly log new ideas into a system that automatically keeps track of them and contacts the relevant internal stakeholders for review and, where applicable, escalation.

Managing Compliance with regulations

By combining programming with more traditional spreadsheet operations BMT Asset Performance was able to create a database system that keeps track of compliance with regulations. In one instance this was implemented to keep track of certification requirements for a fleet of vehicles.

Reporting Compliance with efficiency

Custom reporting is a need for almost every business, and while often custom reports are simple to create sometimes they need to draw upon information from multiple sources and combine this in ways that can be difficult to manage.

This can be avoided with the corrfect application of programming techniques which not only can speed up the process from being a lengthy manual task to being a totally automated task that takes a comparatively small amount of time, but also removes the issues that may result in user error when compiled manually.

Processing and generating data for input into management systems

Regular data sources often come from a wide range of sources, and some of this can be difficult to interpret; once again, software can become a vital tool in converting this raw data into manageable forms. Whatever form of digital data is supplied we are confident that there is a way to process that information and store it sensibly and efficiently. A recent example conducted by BMT Isis involved decoding Automatic Identification System (AIS) messages and storing them for subsequent reporting. To learn more about AIS systems please follow this link.