Software & Information Systems Development

BMT provides software-based Asset Management Information Systems to help clients record, manage, analyse and visualise their asset management data.

BMT provides software-based Asset Management Information Systems to help clients record, manage, analyse and visualize their asset management data.

Calculation of in-service performance is dependent upon the accurate reporting of equipment usage and incidents (e.g.hardware & software failures/defects). For every incident logged, the severity-of-failure (as defined in the specification), the time of occurrence and the impact on the usage requirement must be considered. Relevant Stakeholders must then ‘sentence’ the incident in accordance with the required performance, including the impact of non-conformance. Collection of this data, distributing it to the interested parties, the sentencing process and feedback to contracting authorities and front-line users has, in the past, proved to be a protracted process.

Based on over 30 years’ experience in measuring the in-service performance of valuable assets, including complex simulation and training systems, and defence combat equipment, BMT has developed a powerful asset management information system - RAMtr@ck. This intuitive, web-based system harnesses the benefits of the very latest technology to deliver a unique service to procurement and support agencies, their clients, suppliers and equipment users. RAMtr@ck is an enabler to procurement and support processes by:

  • Providing an asset management facility;
  • Providing a means to determine whether contractual requirements are being met;
  • Determining whether asset/system availability is maximised;
  • Ascertaining whether value for money is being delivered.

  • Software


    This web-based system is an enabler to procurement and support processes, providing an asset management facility and a means to determine contractual requirements are being met.

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  • Port simulation

    Simulation and Modelling

    BMT Asset Performance uses a range of simulation approaches, built on highly versatile, reliable and flexible proprietary software platforms.

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  • World image

    Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

    High quality GIS outputs are being increasingly used to display and analyse, large quantities of data in a way that is easy to interpret and learn from.

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  • Microchip

    Software Tools and Techniques

    BMT Asset Performance has made use of numerous software tools and techniques to create solutions to meet a variety of requirements.

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