Developing a Reliability and Maintainability (R&M) Case

How do you prove that your product’s Reliability objectives will be met as promised?

How can you be sure that your product’s design team has truly understood and implemented your customer’s Reliability requirements, consistently and throughout the development cycle?

Derived from best practice on military product development programmes, an R&M Case provides a structured method for identifying Reliability risks, the practical measures needed to eliminate or mitigate them, and the tangible evidence required to demonstrate that mitigations have been implemented.

Delegates on this course will learn how to tailor the practices outlined in UK Defence Standard 00-42 into a cost effective Reliability approach for any size of programme, and how to ensure that the required evidence is focussed and measurable. When the credibility of product Reliability claims come under challenge, an R&M Case gives you a strong evidence base to build confidence that your programme will deliver.

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