An Introduction to Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM)

Reliability Centred Maintenance is a thorough and cost-efficient means of deriving scheduled maintenance programmes that directly address the consequences of failure.

Auditable and transparent, RCM techniques have been prescribed and used for over 40 years in the Defence, Energy, and Aerospace sectors.

The Introduction to RCM course offers an overview of fundamental concepts involved in identifying the failures that impact asset safety and availability. Delegates will learn how to identify patterns of failure and their repercussions for the maintenance programme, and how to apply RCM logic to derive a maintenance strategy that strikes the best balance between asset up-time and support costs.

The course has been designed for Maintenance, ILS, Reliability, or Systems Engineering managers who require a high-level appreciation of RCM, its application, and integration into a wider development programme. Beyond product design, the Introduction to RCM course will also be of interest to asset managers who wish to rationalise an existing scheduled maintenance programme for optimum business performance.

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