PC Rembrandt simulation

Vessel Traffic and Operations

BMT provides independent and impartial advice to ports, vessel operators, service providers, planning and government agencies, maritime organisations, regulators, owners and investors.


Our services include the sophisticated simulation of vessel movements and traffic patterns in congested waters.


We examine logistic, material and cargo handling operations to boost efficiency and through-puts. In all cases we incorporate the relevant environmental variables and provide information that allows the identification and better management of the safety and environmental risks associated with changes to port marine services and port infrastructure. Naturally, we also provide impartial and expert advice required for planning approvals and the cost-effective mitigation of risks.

Our navigational risk assessments for safe port access and area navigation can include berthing, mooring and channel access. BMT utilises the latest AIS, GIS and simulation techniques and in-house tools including the ‘Rembrandt’ navigational simulator and ‘PROTIDE’ for risk assessment of safe underkeel clearance forport admittance. Within the BMT group, we have access to worldwide high definition, metocean data (real-time and historic) and state-of-the-art analysis techniques for wave height and swell assessment.

We also provide robust software tools and hardware for vessel speed monitoring, reporting, channel and berth optimisation. BMT is experienced in providing technical support to due diligence activity on behalf of investors and owners during the planning and development stages of port, shipping and navigational projects.