Wind Energy

BMT works to help build-up and sustain safe and environmentally suitable wind farm support solutions.

Achieving high operational availability, particularly offshore, is a double challenge. Offshore wind farms are major marine projects with a wide range of risks that need to be understood, insured and managed. The harsh environment is a test for any equipment; it also constrains maintenance and repair opportunities.

Our services enable you to achieve high inherent reliability for your products and develop an effective maintenance programme in order to reduce through-life support costs. We help to mitigate project risks through planning, investment and operational phases, from mobilisation to demobilisation. We identify what can go wrong, and review the proposed risk controls to develop comprehensive emergency/ contingency plans and identify any additional specific mitigations that are required to ensure the success of the project.

Our services include:

  • Independent safety assessments and safety assurance for equipment manufacturers;
  • Independent safety assessments and safety assurance for operators;
  • Independent advice, guidance and support to investors;
  • Marine navigational safety assessments;
  • Support to ports and harbours

BMT is a member of the RenewableUK offshore wind health and safety group. The principal aim of this wide-ranging group is to ensure that the significant health and safety risks particular to offshore wind are being addressed and acted upon.

For further information on BMT's services to the renewable energy sector, please see our dedicated website at BMT Group.