Underwater Systems

BMT Asset Performance Ltd provides through-life asset management, including safety and environmental services, to operators and suppliers of submarines, submersibles and underwater systems in the defence industry and other commercial sectors.

In a complex and ever-changing world, businesses and organisations are seeking ways to optimise their portfolio of assets, programmes and projects to realise their maximum potential and greatest return.

BMT Asset Performance provides through-life asset management services by collaborating with our clients at every stage of a project lifecycle, leveraging our wealth of experience in managing complex, high-hazard programmes to help you reduce whole-life costs, deliver optimal supply and support solutions, deliver safe and environmentally friendly compliant solutions and deliver SQEP operators, maintainers and managers.

Our trusted and independent expert advice has supported clients managing complex assets designed for use in the underwater environment to realise the full potential of their assets through their entire life cycles from acquisition to life-extension and decommissioning.

We support Manufacturers and Operators of Equipment and Systems deployed sub-surface including: Submarines, Manned and Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUVs), Diving Life Support and Hyperbaric facilities and equipment, Submarine Rescue systems and Submersibles, Sonars, Mine Disposal systems, Communications systems and Special Forces equipment.  Our services are flexible in their approach to meet the needs of both Urgent Operational Requirements (UORs) and Core programmes.

Our core services are:

  • Through Life Support Engineering;
  • Delivery of optimal supply and support solutions;
  • Information and software solutions;
  • Portfolio and programme management;
  • Delivery of safe and environmentally compliant solutions;
  • Optimised maintenance strategies and schedules;
  • Delivery of SQEP operators, maintainers and managers.