We provide an integrated supportability engineering service that maximises system availability,

Asset Management

Optimising the relationship between the asset, the supply chain and the support chain.

At BMT Asset Performance, we seek to optimise the relationship between the asset, the supply chain and the support chain by applying our asset management capabilities to new acquisitions and legacy platforms, fleets, systems and components. 

We recognise the importance of managing assets to achieve a desired performance and the greatest return on investment for our customers.  We work with clients to reduce operational costs, manage risks, increase control and improve the process of monitoring and maintaining platforms, fleets and systems. Our objective is to deliver the best possible service to users in the engineering and logistics domains. 

We take an analytical approach towards managing an asset over the project lifecycle from concept through to disposal.  Often this includes options for modification and upgrade where our experience in developing through life cost models and optimising the ‘asset mix’ supports decision making. This is particularly relevant when affordability is a key driver. 

We can support our customers with singleton expertise drawn from a core team of highly trained engineers with knowledge and experience of the entire Through Life Support Engineering discipline. For customers who wish to benefit from a more collaborative arrangement we offer multi-disciplined specialist teams who work seamlessly with our clients, often on site, to deliver capital and lesser value programmes.

Our Asset Performance model illustrates our specific capabilities in more detail and we have a weighty portfolio of credible case studies reflecting our contribution to capital programmes.