Asset Management Systems

Asset Management Systems

Our Asset Management Information Systems help clients record, manage, analyse and visualise their asset management data.

At BMT Asset Performance, we combine our engineering and logistics experience with a suite of analytical tools to optimise the mix of cost, performance, risk and sustainability. Our range of Asset Management Information Systems track assets, measure supply and support chain performance, and analyse historic and real time performance data. Benefits to our clients can be measured by reductions in operational costs and increased asset availability.

We also support customer decision making across the project lifecycle.  From concept — where we can create a range of affordable through life support options, then model and simulate performance in support of investment decisions — to end of life, where we can develop Cost Models as part of the decision making cycle to dispose of or extend the life of an asset.

Through 3D visualisation and immersive technologies, our sister company BMT Defence Services can also provide synthetic training environments ahead of real world situations without the added cost or risk that comes with placing personnel in the field.

In the assurance and governance space we provide systems that actively manage risk. We have delivered benefits to our customers through a number of bespoke solutions to manage safety and environmental risk and manage performance through embedded Key Performance Indicators (KPI).